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Mr John Hibberd

Name Mr John Hibberd John Hibberd
Region Yorkshire and the Humber
Profile John Hibberd worked with Through Faith Missions for nearly 20 years, gaining experience of leading missions in a wide variety of contexts, mainly in the UK but also in East Africa. Having been an atheist scientist at university, he is keen to engage in apologetics and in 2012 had a Grove booklet published called Six Big Questions. He has used a wide variety of approaches to mission including sport (he's a runner), Indian cookery (formerly a vicar in Southall) and pilgrimage (Santiago de Compostela). In May 2014, John moved to become Mission Development Advisor in Sheffield Diocese, where he was responsible for setting up the first mission of Northern Bishops led by Archbishop John Sentamu. He has broadened his scope of mission and evangelism to include pioneers, Fresh Expressions & the mission shaped ministry course, as well as Mission Action Plans.

(August 2016)
Available for Conferences of Evangelism, Parish or Town-wide Mission, Sport


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John Hibberd, 28/08/2014
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